Any Big Break Watchers out there???

Twelve women travel to the Bahamas to compete for the break of a lifetime. Watch this sneak peak of Big Break Atlantis and don’t miss all new episodes Mondays at 9PM ET only on Golf Channel.

I have watched a few seasons here and there of the Big Break on the Golf Channel.  I did watch all of last season’s coed big break in Ireland.  My grandmother is hardcore Irish (not IRA but as hardcore as a 85 year old gal can be), and I have wanted to take a golf trip to Ireland, plus I like when the Golf Channel pits men against women, so all in all last years Big Break was a perfect scenario for me to watch.  This year it is all ladies, which is ok by me.  These gals are fun to watch, and they are pretty damn good players.  The nice thing about the girls in the Big Break Atlantis is they play a game much more similar to mine. They have to hit 3wd into par 5’s to get there, a lot of them can’t get there in two, they hit some great shots and some really awful shots, they are nervous when they putt.  I know what all of those feelings are like, and its nice to share the experience with the players when watching golf on tv.

The Big Break also has some of the most unique skill challenges and contests on any golf show currently on television.  I love the fact that you have to hit a ball through a plain glass window, chip over a 7 foot wall, play alternate shot with fellow competitors, and lose and earn points according to your success in each game.  The elimination challenges are great as well.  The bottom two competitors from that week’s show go into the elimination, and they “Thunderdome” it up (two men enter one man leaves).  Add into the great format, and the likability of all the players (there are quite a few foxes in there), and you have a recipe for some great golf TV.

My TIVO will be set to record every Monday night on the Golf Channel for this seasons Big Break.  If it is half as good as it was last year, then we are all in for a big treat.

Big Break Atlantis Mondays 9PM ET on the Golf Channel

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