Round 2 Recap: 2012 HP Byron Nelson Championship

Jason Dufner is our 36 hole leader at the HP Byron Nelson.  What do you know Mr. Dufner is our 36 hole leader, again.  The man has lead more tournaments this year (after 36 holes) than any other player.  With that being said, the last time he held the 36 hole lead…he won.  “I feel good about my game,” Dufner said. “Usually when you’re feeling good, you’re going to go into the weekend leading or close to the lead, and I’ve been fortunate to be in that position.” So I wouldn’t look for Jason to falter on the weekend.  If anything I would venture to guess that Jason is a good pick for our first multiple winner on tour this year.

Even though I like the the Duff man for the weekend, there are six players within one shot of the lead. With the log jam that exists at the top of the leader board, it reminds me of the fact that the PGA Tour is not won or lost on any given day.  More often than not a player can card a mediocre round (-1, Even +1 or 2) and still be in contention to win the event.  Now don’t get me wrong, a player cannot win a PGA Tour event and have one mediocre round, with out one really great round (62-65).  My point here is that anyone within the 10 shots of the leader (which is where the cut line is, Top 72 and ties or within 10 shots of the 36 hole leader).  I use to think that was a unrealistic rule, now I am beginning to rethink that.

Check out Phil’s birdie, from under the trees.  I love playing in a scotch game, and making the unbelievable birdie from under the trees or as I like to call it No Mans Land.  You get pressed after your tee shot goes in the trees, then you hit em back with a repress (because we know we can make a birdie from there).  Next thing you know your ball rolls up onto the green as if from no where, you make a birdie from under the trees (Phil style), and earn you and your partner an easy 6 for 12 for 24 for 48 points.  Thats what I like to call a sweet birdie.

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