Sh*t Golfers Say – Golf Digest

Celebrating the game’s amusing vernacular

May 2012
Golfers speak a language that can’t be learned from reading any official handbook or even from watching hours of Johnny Miller broadcasts. It’s decipherable only to those who play golf. There’s optimism (“Get in the hole!”), desperation (“Hit something hard!”) and of course exasperation (“I don’t get it. I hit it great on the range”). Golfers go to great lengths to negotiate handicap strokes and to criticize the placement of bunkers that happen to get in the way of their ball. They have a knack for blaming everything but themselves (“The wind changed right during my backswing!”). In any other context, it would sound like gibberish. But as we learned while producing this video of golfers’ favorite sayings, this assortment of phrases and exclamations comprises the soundtrack of the game we love.
— Sam Weinman

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