Round 4 Recap: 2012 Wells Fargo Championship

Orange Crush? Knock Knock, who’s there? Orange. Orange Who? Orange you glad Rickie won his first PGA Tour Victory.  One for all and all for Rickie (with the mustache there should be some kind of 3 musketeers rib).  No matter what your phrase of choice, Mr. Rickie Fowler is no longer labeled the best player to never have won a PGA Tour Event.  And he won that first tournament in style (yes with even more style and flair than a normal Rickie Fowler final round).

The 2012 Wells Fargo Championship was another example of why the PGA Tour and Golf in general is a fantastic spectator sport and simply put is great television.  Coming down the stretch we had a solid 4 or 5 players in the mix: DA Points was the man to beat, with Rory McIlroy, Rickie Fowler, Webb Simpson, and even Ryan Moore trying to pull out some last minute magic to beat Points.  DA played a great round on Sunday and managed to play the last two rounds with only one bogey.  The problem for DA was that the only bogey he made this weekend, ended on the 72nd hole and caused him to loos the lead and ultimately the tournament.  Rory had his chance to win in regulation with a birdie on 18, but the putt was not meant to be (although he is our new world #1 again).  Webb could hit a great shot in the last group into the 18th green and just missed the putt to get to -14 under and the playoff.

The playoff went back to 18 tee box, and all three competitors found the fairway.  Points hit first, and his second ended up a little long, and right up against the collar of the green (which basically meant he was playing for par at that point).  Rickie hit second and stuffed hist approach shot close to the hole.  Fowler hit brilliant wedge shot to a difficult green that could just as easily veered left into the creek than settled 4 feet, 2 inches from the flagstick.  Rory needed to follow up Rickie’s fantastic shot, but only managed to leave himself about a 20 footer for birdie.  Rory and DA miss, Rickie knocks it in for the win.  The 18th hole had only surrendered four birdies all day before Fowler and friends played it for the second time.

“I hit the perfect shot at the right time, and I was going for it,” Fowler said.

“You wouldn’t call the 18th today a birdie hole with that pin,” McIlroy said in admiration. “For Rickie to go out and play that hole the way he did, he deserved to win.”

No matter who won yesterday (although I was pulling for Rickie) golf finished another week on the PGA Tour with action packed Sunday fireworks.  And what do you know, we didn’t need Phil or Tiger to ensure some great television on Sunday afternoon…

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