Round 4 Recap: 2012 Arnold Palmer Invitational

Tiger Wood’s is back in the winners circle (#72 if anyone is counting and Tiger is) on the PGA Tour.  Tiger won his 7th professional victory at Bay Hill in a Tiger like fashion by winning by 5 shots.  Unfortunately for us in TV land, there was no real competitor on Sunday for Tiger.  I was hoping that Graeme McDowell or Ian Poulter or Ernie Els couldn’t put the pressure on Mr. Woods.  Graeme doubled the first hole, and although he made a few long putts and got to within 2 shots, he never really put Tiger to the test.  But there are few players who have put Tiger to the test.

I wanted to go over some of my favorite Tiger facts: Tiger Woods is 38 for 40 when carrying the lead by himself into Sunday.  He is 49 of 54 when he has a share of the lead.  He is the second most winning player on the PGA Tour with 72 wins, second only to Sam Snead.  Another crazy statistic is Tiger Woods win percentage. If you take the number of wins and divide them with how many times he has teed it up as a professional, he wins 1 for every 3.6 tournaments he enters.  I for one am glad that Tiger Woods has gotten the win monkey off of his back.  Another fun thought, Tiger Woods has been in the top 5 and contention in the Masters the last two years (when he has had more baggage than any two players combined).  Now he has a win under his belt, he is firing on all cylinders, and may be the number one contender going into the Masters.

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As a avid Tiger Woods EA Sports PGA Tour Golf Video Game player, I am super excited about 2013.  I am not sure about the Tiger Woods legends play (where you get to play as Tiger Woods as a little kid on up through his career), but I am a big fan of playing at Augusta.  As a course that most of us will never even see (except on TV) this is a great addition to a already wonderful game.

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