Round 4 Recap: 2012 Transitions Championship

What a Sunday finish on the PGA Tour at the Transitions Championship in South Florida.  At one point there was a 6 way tie for the lead with only a few groups left to come in.  Ernie Els was the leader for a good portion of the day, but a bogey bogey finish left him at -12 under par, and out of the 4 man playoff.  Ken Duke as well bogeyed the 71st hole of regulation (by missing a 4 footer after a great bunker shot) to finish at -12 under par.

The four man playoff of Luke Donald, Jim Furyk, Sang-Moon Bae, and Robert Garrigus ended after only one hole ( I would have bet with four guys you are going to see at least two playoff holes, but alas I was wrong again).  Bae and Garrigus fired their drives of the playoff hole center cut in the fairway, while Donald and Furyk both missed the fairway one left and one right.  Donald was furthest from the hole after his drive, but knocked his seven iron to about 6 feet and set the tone for the rest of the playoff.  Bae and Furyk both left their iron shots right (in perfect two putt land), but Garrigus fires one in there two about 6.5 feet (it spun away from the hole and he almost knocked it inside of Donald).  After a two putt from both Furyk and Bae, Garrigus and his long putter missing from just outside of six feet, left Luke Donald a 6 footer for the win, and to regain the world #1 spot… needless to say we now have another “new” #1 and another fantastic finish from the PGA Tour.

My only issue from Sunday is the interview taken right after the 72nd hole of the tournament for Mr. Ernie Els.  The man fell apart on the last two holes to lose the tournament (no one will argue it was his to win or to lose at that point).  He also missed a 4 footer on the last hole to get himself into the play off.  Should the reporters give a man a break when he is obviously upset, extremely angry and very disappointed in himself.  OR Is it the right of the media and ultimately the golfing community to get right in there and demand answers to questions like “did you have the confidence to make that putt???”.  I mean really Ernie Els is an established player, and well liked on Tour and seems like a really nice guy… Did he deserve to get bombarded with questions like that, when he probably needed a ten min breather????  I don’t know the answer, but I don’t watch golf on TV to feel uncomfortable, and after watching Ernie’s interview, I was very uncomfortable (seemed more like an episode of the office then a PGA Tour interview).  Not sure what the right answer is that’s just my two cents…

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