A look at Luke Donald at home in Chicago:

Luke Donald is a Northwestern Alum, and currently calls Chicago home (well Evanston, but very close to Chicago).  I wanted to post about Luke Donald and his connection with Chicago.  People might only think of Luke as the world #1, or one of the most consistent players in the game.  But I like to think of him as someone that the average guy can look up to.  By that I mean that Luke Donald (by PGA Tour standards) is a short hitter, but yet he continually kicks the crap out of those long hitters.  I love the fact the games best player is not one of the longest, but the guy who continually makes putts, and gets up and down from everywhere.  Gives us all a reason to stop hitting drivers on the range, and try to get out on that practice green more often.

This video shows an insight to the home life of Luke, as well his life outside of golf, and the wonderful causes that he helps.  Plus its all here in Chicago, and that fits in perfectly with the Chicago Golf Guy.  Cheers!

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