How to get into the Masters:

Getting Masters tickets may not be as hard as you thought. Chicago Golf Guy’s tips and tricks on how to get into the Masters (we promise there is nothing illegal about it).

So how to get in?  Well here is what the Chicago Golf Guy has come up with.  For a measly $2,000 a person you can buy a one day pass from a special events company (Global Events is who I talked to) to the Masters, and it is an ultimate package.  The $2000 does include your lodging at a local hotel near Augusta National.  In the morning you are picked up from the hotel and shuttled to the closest hospitality tent to the Masters (the Masters does not have any hospitality tents, so they are just outside the gates for those of us lucky enough to have tickets) and served a fantastic southern breakfast.  Now while you are enjoying your biscuits and gravy, and your chosen omelet, a employee from your special events company will go out to a designated area of the golf course (you get to choose the place) and said person will sit in your spot with a chair given to you by the company (I believe it has your name on it).  When your done with breakfast you walk out onto the course, and sit in your reserved spot and enjoy the Masters in a way that most of us can only dream of.  Not only that, but if you want to go back to the hospitality tent for lunch, the kid comes out ans sits in your seat until you get back.  Seriously someone to come out and save your seat.

But how do the normal people get in, the ones that are not going to shell out $2,000 (or cannot afford to pay that much to go).  Here is the Chicago Golf Guy tip that will hopefully make your 2013 Masters memorable:  just go to the Masters and buy your tickets outside the gate.  SCALP MASTERS TICKETS?!?!?!??!?  No, I am not asking you to go out and hustle your way into the Masters.  However, every Masters ticket is an all day pass.  Unlike other sporting events, where if you leave you cannot get back in on your ticket, at the Masters your pass is good to come and go as you please. How does this help me get in to the Masters?  Because the tickets are an all day pass there is always patrons who go out in the morning and are willing to sell their tickets to the less fortunate.  $100 to the right person, and you got yourself a Masters Ticket, and can enjoy a pimento cheese sandwich while walking the hallowed ground of Augusta National.

Be sure to sign up online at to be entered into the 2013 Masters Ticket Lottery.  The drawing is this Summer, but you must sign up to win.

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