Ping Stand Bags a Gift or a Curse?

Ping stand bags have been the #1 collegiate bag for many many years.  My guess is that high school kids, and college kids have been rocking the Ping bags since their inception (the bags not the kids).  I personally have been using a Ping stand bag since high school, and have purchased a new Ping bag every couple of years.  With that being said, have you ever used a Ping stand bag?  Have you walked 36 with that Ping bag and not have it break?  Do you clubs get stuck inside even with those very sturdy bag dividers? Do the little braces come out of the legs so that said leg is dangling down while you are walking making a serious attempt to trip you while walking to your next shot?

Please do not take this the wrong way, I am currently looking at my Ping Hoofer that I been using since 2009.  I love my Ping bags, and I have been using Ping bags since 1990.  The problem is those bags are either not put together very well, or they are not made to last.  However, even with all their faults Ping bags remain on top with the younger crowd (and even some of us who never grow up and continue to use their Ping bags).  So why are all golfers in college drinking the kool aid to join the cult of Ping Bag Owners?  The Chicago Golf Guy is at a loss on that question.  I know that to be stylish sometimes you have to sacrifice, and I know that I have to buy a new Ping bag soon.

Your kool aid has been served.  Drink it or become an outcast…

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