Frosty (the jerk face par 5 killer) makes an appearance in California

Who would of thought that a snowman would cause so much damage in California?  Kyle Stanley shots a solid 33 on the outward nine, to follow it up with a 41 on the inward nine.  That 41 included an 8 on the last hole that would finish Stanley in a tie for first after 72 holes.  Needless to say Stanley could not hold off Snedeker in the sudden death playoff.  Snedeker hit his first shot on the 2nd playoff hole over the green and off of the TV tower.  After dropping away from the tower Snedeker gets it up and down, only to have Stanley three putt, giving Snedeker his second win in less than 12 months.

The question of the day remains… with a three shot lead, and a par 5 left to play, how do you get it down in less than seven shots?  All seven irons? 3wd off the tee? Now keep in mind, that you can reach that bad boy in two.  I say just go for it in two.  Worst case scenario you hit it in the water, take your penalty and make a double at worst.

Unfortunately for Kyle Stanley, he did not achieve his first PGA Tour victory, but he did take his loss with grace and composure.  I personally would have tackled my caddy and possibly thrown a putter into the crowd.  Hopefully Stanley learns from this experience (as painful as it was) and grows as a player and a person.


  1. Has anyone seen the footage of Kyle Stanley when he does his interview after the melt down on 18 and his eventual loss? Class Act. He was really broken up, but he gave a great interview. Maybe one of those times, where he loses but really wins.

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