The Winter Golf Blues…

I woke up this morning to the sounds of snow falling outside my window… Well, I couldn’t hear the snow falling but the undeniable chill in the air was unmistakable work of Jack Frost: the enemy of the golfing world.

As a die hard golfer who lives in a climate that is not conducive to the game of golf, what do you do when the snow is falling to keep your game in check?  I am personally not a fan of hitting range balls in the summer, let alone when it is cold outside and I have to do it in a dome that only allows my little babies to fly roughly 150 yards before colliding with the giant bubble that marks the end of said dome.  With that being said, the domes are not that bad.  On any given week day you will find the work ditching golfers of Chicago hiding out for an hour or two hitting a few balls to pass the time.  On any given Sunday, you will have to wait in line to find your hitting spot at any golf dome.  I promise to throw in a few reviews this winter of all the exploits of my golf doming.

If you cannot hit balls, what else do you do to keep in touch with the game we love?  I roughly spend half of my winter in the local golf stores, golf smiths and galaxy’s finding the intricacies of the putting green, and constantly subjecting my putter lust to an overwhelming amount of new putter loves.  I am not picky when it comes to my flat stick, I do not just stick to the name brands.  I will put with the no namers, the junk putters and the used bin to find my next flat stick.  I love putters, long and short, skinny or fat, mallet or blade, classic or futura… Doesn’t matter to me.  I also have a OCD sickness that if I make 4 in a row I have to purchase the putter no matter what the cost.

So again just a hello from the Chicago Golf Guy on the first snow of 2012, and basically the end of the Chicago Golf Season for a few months.

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