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The Chicago Golf Guy will never blog about golf courses and presume to tell you where to play and which golf courses you should stay away from.  I rarely get into too much about the condition of the golf course (besides the basics).  I know that is hard to say when doing a review of a golf course.  However, my humble opinion is not the end all be all of reviews.  I play a lot of golf (150-200) times a year.  I have played golf courses where they would not let a guy like me join, and I have played places that can hardly be called golf courses.  A golf course is what it is.  You will get more from these reviews on the course itself, how fun it is to play, how is the food at the turn, are the people nice, were the greens really flat or undulated, how long or short can the course play, do they offer senior rates, or group memberships.  Don’t worry I will let you know if the course is in great shape, ok shape, or a dog track.  I just like to think that I take other factors (other than how well the golf course is maintained) when rating a golf course in Chicago.

Why not make the golf courses conditions the end all be all of the review?  If you and I were to play a golf course within the same week, it can be in totally different shape from one day to the next.  Maybe you played the course on Monday afternoon and it had not been mowed or the cups changed since Sunday morning.  Maybe I played it as the first group out on Saturday morning with the course total unmolested (I have seen some of you play and it can be described as a molestation).  A golf course can change over a few hours, and the round you are having will definitely effect how you would rate the course.  I am going to try to be impartial, and let you know my opinion on the course, and not read into the politics, or how many three putts I had.

Hopefully you will enjoy my review of local Chicago golf courses and that you have fun playing the same courses as I do.

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