Whats wrong with Rory McIlroy?


I will not be another blogger to jump on the kick Rory when he’s down band wagon.  Has Rory made a few mistakes? Yes.  Will he make more?  Yes.  Will he get his game back and continue to dominate the game of golf for many years to come?  Absolutely.

But what is wrong with Rory?  Is it the pressure that is getting to him.  Has he buckled under being the number one player in the world… I don’t think so.  Rory is an International Superstar, and he is just getting used to it.  Being the #1 player in the golfing world is not the added pressure that is causing Rory so much trouble, the fact that he can no longer escape the media at any point in his day.  Rory is on the radar 24 hours a day 7 days a week.  Add that to the fact that he signs a multimillion dollar deal with Nike and a whole new bag of clubs, moves to the beautiful state of Florida, and  you have the potential of a meltdown.

Rory had his melt down on Friday afternoon in the middle of the Honda Classic.  Should he have finished his round, and then avoided the media…maybe?  The media would have jumped on him for that as well.  I believe no matter what he did the media was going to jump all over him for one major reason.  Rory is not playing as well as he did at the end of last year.  Rory needs to play well to get the media off of his back.

Hopefully his press conference in a few minutes will ease the media, and he will apologize and he can get back to playing the best golf in the world.

PS…we might here that Rory and his long time tennis star girlfriend may be on the rocks too.  But that is just a guess and I have no facts to back that up, just a solid gut feeling.

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