World Golf Championships – Accenture Match Play:

Rory: Hey Tiger you want to hang out tomorrow? Tiger: No.
World #1 and World #2 not playing any more golf this week

What has $250 million dollars, fourteen new clubs, and two awful starts?  I know its not very nice to say, but I am a huge Rory fan.  I think he is great for the game of golf, and when he’s on he’s the only player to invoke Tiger like fear in his competitors.  But one thing that Tiger never did was miss the cut in his first two starts of any season.  When the world #1 gets knocked out in the first round of the WGC Match Play, that is just as bad as missing the cut.

Rory has to get used to the new clubs, and there is more pressure on him than anyone of us can imagine, and I want him to play well, but maybe he should have eased into the swimming pool that is Nike, rather than just cannonball into the deep end.  The number one player in the world is not suppose to get beaten by a 16 seed. Not to mention the actual number one seed playing the guy who just squeaked into the tournament.  Has that ever happened before in tournament bracket history?  I am not sure, but I can imagine that many a brackets out there in Golf Fantasy Leagues have just lost some heavy points due to the world number one taking a back seat to his boy hood friend.

What about Tigers loss?  Tiger lost to his good friend and golfing buddy Charles Howell III.  Chuck and Tiger go way back to their amateur days ant the king of all amateur tournaments the US Am.  Tiger beat Charles in the 36 hole championship match of the 1996 US Am.  The funny thing is that Charles told the media on Wednesday (prior to the snow delay) that he had never won money from Tiger Woods at any point in any of the practice rounds, and had never beaten him.  Maybe it was a bit of a premonition, or maybe it was just the day of the underdog, but Chucky you can no longer say you have never beaten Tiger Woods heads up.

I am not a superstitious man (for the most part) but maybe somewhere down the line someone from Nike upset a Voo Doo Witch Doctor, or aggravated some type of Gypsy Woman…because their big move with Rory this year has just not worked out as they had planned.


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