Phil Mickelson and the Tax Man

Farmers Insurance Open - Round One
“Hey Brandt what did you pay in taxes on that $10M?”

We all know Phil made some off the cuff remarks to the media about the state of California’s income taxes. He has since apologized and promised to not speak anymore about his thoughts on the tax situation.  He apologized for the public statement. He was sorry for abusing his position as a public figure, but basically he stood by what he said.

I am a firm believer in Free Speech.  I write a blog for crying out loud and I certainly am not going to allow anyone to tell me what I can and cannot talk about.  That is what is so great about America, we can criticize the government without fear of Big Brother coming to find us.  Phil probably should have keep quiet about the whole tax situation, as we all knew he was going to catch hell for bringing it up.  No one really wants to pay taxes, but we all can agree that no one wants to hear a millionaire complain about his or her taxes.  Phil should have just talked with his family and friends about his concerns and left it out of the public forum.

Phil is still America’s sweetheart when it comes to the professional golf world, and he manged to come out pretty clean on his one and only scandal.  If you can call complaining about taxes a scandal.

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