Who will win the 2012 BMW Championship at Crooked Stick?

The PGA Tour could not ask for a better leader board for the final round of the BMW Championship and the second to last leg of the PGA Tour Playoffs.  Lets think of the biggest names in golf and you will find them at the top of this leader board.  There are four former or current world #1;s in the top 10 (and that doesn’t include Mickelson).  Seven out of twelve who in the top 9 spots are major championship winners, and five of those seven are multiple winners.  Then start throwing around names like Dustin Johnson, Robert Garrigus, and Bo Van Pelt (the only three players who don’t fit into the huge categories that I just mentioned) and you can see why tomorrow will be one heck of a day of golf.

So not only do we have a star studded powerhouse of a golf leader board but Crooked Stick is prime and pressed for any player to go crazy low (or as DJ says smash) on this course.  There have been some fantastic rounds, such as Phils 64 yesterday, and there is a 63 or 64 and definitely a 65 out there tomorrow.  So really anyone could go low tomorrow and catapult into first and just squeeze out a photo finish with some of the biggest names in golf.  Crooked Stick looks beautiful but it is a fair and just course.  If the putts start dropping a player can go low, but if you don’t find the fairway then that Indiana rough is going to eat these players up.  Good Luck Sunday football, golf is here to pull some of those football fans back to the world of golf for at least three more weeks.

Who is going to win tomorrow Chicago Golf Guy?  Well I am going to go with Rory McIlroy.  It is an easy pick I know.  He is one shot off the lead, and its Rory.  He is the new Tiger Woods.  If Rory plays well today at Crooked Stick then someone is really going to have to step up to finish him off.  I know he is one shot back of Vijay and Phil, but Vijay and Phil both have a sickness (the three putts) and that is always a disease that flares up on Sunday afternoons.  I would like to see Tiger play well and get in the top 3 spots so we can have a killer finish at the Tour Championship.  I am worried that if Rory wins today, then that $10,000,000 and the FedEx Cup will be his no mater what happens at the Tour Championship.  No matter what happens this is going to be a great Sunday.  PGA Tour golf with crazy good players, and the Chicago Bears home opener…not much else I can hop for.

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