Salt Creek Golf Club (Wood Dale, IL)

Whether you’re playing 9 or 18 holes of golf, our Executive Golf Course is the perfect choice. Set amidst gently rolling terrain, mature trees and beautiful ponds, Salt Creek’s 3,985 yard, par 63 course challenges players of all skill levels with tree-lined fairways and strategically placed sand bunkers. Afterward, you can unwind with your friends in our popular Grill Room with a refreshing drink and a hearty sandwich or other delicious meal. Our fabulous lunch buffet is $8.25 served weekdays from 11am thru 2:30pm in our Grill Room. Enjoy lunch with co-workers or friends on our patio overlooking the grounds. Of course, you don’t have to golf to stop by for a great breakfast or lunch.

I was able to grab a tee time at Salt Creek a week or so ago while wasting time between meetings. I was out in the Wood Dale area, and was torn between hitting balls at Top Golf, or actually getting in a round of golf. I decided that a quick 18 would be more beneficial for my fragile game than hitting computer golf balls and shooting for the new high score. I found Salt Creek on for $25 with a cart for 18 holes, a very good deal. I knew the course was short, and a par three/executive course, but I was still willing to go out and have a good time on a hot Wednesday afternoon.

The Clubhouse is a very good size for an executive 18 hole course, but it was a little hard to find the proshop. I ended up going in the wrong direction, and after wondering around in the senior lady lunch-in I found the proshop (turns out that you hug the building to the right, and walk around the clubhouse to the back side for the proshop). Once inside, the proshop was down to the bear essentials. A few dozen balls, a handful of shirts, a few bags with clubs (not sure if they were for sale or not) and the counter. I paid for my $25 round of golf with a cart, and was a little surprised at the $2 deposit on the cart key. So in total I paid $27 with the unspoken terms that if I were to return the key, I would get $2 bucks back.

Being a Wednesday afternoon the course was pretty open (I teed off around 1pm), but I did get paired up with another single and headed off for the first tee. There are two nines at Salt Creek, both of which are numbered 1-9, so the starter asked me which nine I would prefer to start on and told him this was my first time so no preference. The Course itself was fun to play, with a wide range of hole lengths. Some short par 3’s, some short par 4’s, a few longer par 3’s (170-180) and a few 350-375 par fours, no par 5’s. Most of the par threes were pretty easy with no water around the holes, and only a few bunkers on the whole course. The distances were tough to figure out as well, but I did have my yardage binoculars, so that wasn’t a problem for me. The layout was a little tough to decipher, I had never played before and was lucky enough to have a playing partner who had played and could show me what direction the next tee box was in. Sometimes I had no idea which direction the next hole was.  The greens were a little bumpy, and probably rated a C- or D+ at best. The condition was a little rough but I never felt like I over paid or was unhappy with the course.

Salt Creek is a short golf course (par 63) that is designed for beginners, lady’s, juniors, and seniors, as well as the average golfer looking to get out there and get his game on. I did enjoy shooting 65 for 18 even if it wasn’t a full 18 hole golf course. The beverage cart girl was also very attentive for us as well (the course wasn’t very busy early on so we did get VIP treatment). It was also very hot out that day, and there was a ranger out on the course with water and ice. He seemed to be out there more for the cooling aspect of the water, than speeding up play. The course was fun to play if you take it for what its worth. I enjoyed driving a few of the par 4’s, and scoring well. There are some power lines that run through the golf course, and they really come into play on the 4th hole of the nine farthest east. The 4th hole is a par 4 roughly 320-330 with the power lines, and tower that seems to be right in the middle of the fairway. That was my only double bogey (I hit it out of bounds on the first tee shot). I just couldn’t get past where the heck I was suppose to hit it and not hit the tower/power lines.

I am not a fan of giving a bad review of a golf course, especially after only playing it one time during one of the hottest stretches Chicago has seen in a long time. With that being said I have to give Salt Creek Golf Club a BOGEY with a warning of DOUBLE BOGEY. I think that Salt Creek is one of those courses that Chicago needs. It is inexpensive, it is short, it keeps new players playing the game and if you take it at face value Salt Creek is filling a gap that golfers desperately need (a place for newbies to play on without feeling like they are holding up the game, or bothering other players).  On the other hand as a long time golfer, who would rather spend a little more money and get more out of the course I have to give Salt Creek a Double Bogey. If you are a snooty golfer, looking to spend $50+ on a round of golf and want to play great conditions on a fun layout then Salt Creek is not the place for you.

Chicago Golf Guy’s 2 Cents: 
If you are a beginner looking to play a course that is inexpensive fun and will give you a confidence boost, Salt Creek is a great place to go.  Salt Creek is a great place to bring your kids if you want to get them involved in golf.  Or maybe you want to bring the non golfing wife/girlfriend or husband/boyfriend out for a quick nine and a few drinks afterwards.  If you are looking to get a high quality golf course in great shape, and are willing to pay a little more to get the things you want, then Salt Creek is not the place for you.

Salt Creek Golf Club
701 W. Thorndale Avenue
Wood Dale, IL 60191
Phone: (630) 773-0184


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