Round 4 Recap: 2012 Greenbrier Classic

The Chicago Golf Guy strikes again, I claim that Webb can do no wrong, and he goes nutty on the back nine.  The man had a 59 hole stretch without a bogey, then bogies four of the last seven to plummet down the leader board.  I cannot take all the blame on this one, this is the second year in a row that Webb was caught from behind with a not so great back nine at the Greenbrier.  What I would take away from this is that Webb is playing great, he loves this golf course, and if you keep putting yourself in a place to win, you are going to find yourself with victories.

Troy Kelly and Ted Potter Jr. were the two players that stole the stage on the back nine at the Old White Course.  Troy was the leader for most of the back nine, but a eagle birdie finish for Ted Potter Jr. made him the leader in the clubhouse.  With a par on the 72nd hole Troy Kelly and Ted Potter Jr. found themselves at a tie.  After two pars on the 18th par three (the first playoff hole), the players headed out to 17 (the reachable par 5).  Both players got close in two but were chipping for their third shots.  Ted hit first (almost from a divot) just short of the bunker, to roughly 3-5 feet.  Troy had an awful lie in the bunker, one foot in one out and the ball way below his feet, and failed to get it on the green.  His fourth shot, a chip from just off the green, left him some 12 feet from the hole for par.  Meanwhile Ted is in the rarely miss range for the pros for birdie, we were all thinking game over for Troy.  BAM! he knocks in the par putt and puts a little pressure on Teddy.  Ted misses his bridie and runs it by another 2 feet.  The par putt falls in and they head to the par 3 18th again for the third playoff hole.

Sometimes a player gets fortunate with the yardage and hole location, and that was the case for Potter at the 18th. At 164 yards and a back-right hole location, it was a perfect 9-iron draw for the lefty. On the other hand, Troy Kelly never appeared comfortable with either the yardage or the hole location. He hit pitching wedge three times and never got inside 20 feet on Sunday.  Needless to say, Ted hits it up there close, and converts his good shot into a birdie on the 3rd playoff hole to win.

Both players in this playoff were looking for their first PGA Tour victory, and Ted Potter Jr. was the one to walk off the 75th the victor at the Greenbrier Classic.  I am a huge fan of the sudden death playoff, and I very much like to see the pros struggle a little bit.  When the pros are out there hitting crappy shots out of bunkers (I know it was a tough lie and all), and missing putts to win the tournament, it makes me feel like some of the putts that I miss in my matches and gambling games, are a little bit less embarrassing.


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