2012 GolfQpons Masters Fantasy League Final Results:

Congratulations to David Z you are the winner of the 2012 Masters League brought to you by the Chicago Golf Guy and GolfQpons.com

Email Ken at Info@GolfQpons.com with your full name and address, as well as which $200 Gift Certificate you want (GolfGalaxy or GolfSmith).  Nice picks.

You can see the final PDF by clicking the link below:
2012 Masters Fantasy League – Sheet1(4)

RLhook                            N/A
Gordon Black                  +1
Brian McGrath               +0
John Streker                  -12
Mike Harris                    + 3
Alex Wright                     -2
Todd Trunks                    -4
Keith Yabuta                   -11
Libs911                              -9
David Z.                            -18
Ken Kaulen                     -5
Bert Kaulen                     -3       
Ken Kaulen Sr.               -4
Walter F.                         -13
Alex S.                               -9

David  Z in a true Masters finish came from behind to over take our 3rd round leaders.  Pretty tough to beat -18 under par combined score and David did not use his A player (he had chosen Tiger Woods).  Congratulations David, and be sure to sign up for the US Open Fantasy League.

Fun facts about this years Masters Fantasy League: 

  1. No one chose 2012 Masters Champion Bubba Watson
  2. The winner did not use his A player (in fact most players didn’t)
  3. 75% of the league players were under par
  4. The Champion came from the C player category
  5. 3 player’s picked the winning score as their tie breaker

Hopefully everyone had fun watching the Masters and playing in the Masters Fantasy League.  Make sure you pass on the great golf daily deals from GolfQpons, my awesome golf blog about everything golf in Chicago (ChicagoGolfGuy.com) and let people know about the upcoming US Open Fantasy League.  **Just a reminder, we are going to do a fantasy league for all four majors and the players championship, possibly the FedEx Cup as well.

Thanks for stopping by!

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