Chicago Tour Only – Limited 1st Edition Putter Head Covers

The Chicago Golf Guy has placed an order for Chicago Tour Only Putter Head covers.  Coming July of 2012… Keep an eye on the Chicago Golf Guy Golf Blog for more information on when these awesome head covers are going to be available. 

The Head Covers are in:

You can buy them now on eBay…click here

What is Chicago Tour Only?
If you check out anything worthy of notice on eBay (when it comes to head covers) they are either limited edition head covers from the big names or Tour Only stuff (items that have not been released to the public).  Why should the rich only be able to enjoy the coolest stuff on tour?  Well none of the Chicago Tour Only items are going to be from the PGA Tour, but they are going to be original to Chicagoians and our ability to love our city with more passion than any other city in the USA.  People from the Chicago metropolitan area are very proud of where they come from, and when we visit other cities we tell people we are from Chicago.  Not Illinois.  Not the Midwest. Just flat out CHICAGO.  As if to say we are so cool,  so popular, and so well known that we do not have to say Chicago, Illinois.  We can just flat out say I’m from Che-ka-go.

What will the 1st Chicago Tour Only head cover look like? 
Well we guarantee that the Chicago Tour Only Hot Dog Logo will be on there, as well as some other pretty cool Chicago related items.  BUT you are going to have to stay tuned to see what they look like, as this is top secret at the moment.

The only way to ensure that you get one of the first head covers is to buy it now.  This is not a sales technique, but the truth.  I am sure I will have some for sale, but I believe they are going to sell out fast.  So if you want to get your hands on the first Chicago Tour Only head cover, send the Chicago Golf Guy an email, and we can get you squared away.  The first 50 people to buy a Chicago Tour Only head cover will receive a special limited edition Chicago Golf Guy Blog Patch for FREE.  I know sweet right?

I am working hard on getting these headcovers in.  The first sample did not really stand up to my high standards, so I sent them back to the presses. The problem with this is the fact that it pushes back our arrival date.  I am hoping for a July 1st delivery date, but I am really excited and these are going to look really cool.  Email me if you have questions or want to reserve your headcover!

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  1. What’s the December release going to be? Don’t put Chicago Golf Guy on it. Kind of ruins the cover… you’re not THAT cool.

    • Sorry to say Matt but this is a head cover designed by and for the Chicago Golf Guy to get the word out on the street. My feeling is that every head cover is going to have some kind of Chicago Golf Guy logo.

    • Not sure yet. But I am thinking it will not be ready until after the first of the year. I wish I could say it was coming earlier, but this is the bondage that is ordering items overseas! I will keep you guys updated.

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