What cho talkin bout Chicago Golf Guy? My rating system explained:

Just to be sure that everyone knows what the heck I am talking about (if you figure it out, please email me the instructions), I wanted to explain my rating system.  Being that this is a golf blog, it only makes sense to rate everything golf, with a golf analogy.  Here is my rating system:

Hole in One:
The highest rating that I can give as a golf reviewer.  I have never given out a HIO to any golf course or product, but that day may come in the near future.  Like golf a hole in one is very rare, so it would be the most extreme rating.  I imagine if I got to play Augusta National, it would receive a Hole in One rating.

Second highest rating by the Chicago Golf Guy.  Eagles are not uncommon, but they do not come around every round.  So an eagle rating is typically the highest “normal” raiting that I give.  A place like Chicago Golf Club, or Olympia Fields would be an eagle rating.

Great not excellent.  Thats the best way to explain it.  Really good experience, I would recommend highly, but your socks or mind will not be blown or blown off.  Ruffled Feathers or Harbor Side would be a birdie.

Run of the mill item or golf course.  Nothing wrong with the item in question except that it is average.

A few items that need to be addressed. I wouldn’t recommend not checking the item in question out, but buyer should be aware of the problems that exsist.

Double Bogey:
DANGER DANGER DANGER.  Some serious problems, going on here.  Buyer beware, and if you do check out an item that was given a Double Bogey by me… I told you so.

The most popular ratings I give are Birdie, Par, and Bogey.  I very rarely give out a Double Bogey or an Eagle, and I have never given anything a Hole in One.  As a disclaimer, I am not the authority on golf in Chicago (even though I think so) and these are only my opinions.  I apologize to anyone who works for or developed or owns a product that I have given a less than desirable rating to.  My goal is just to inform the golfing community of my thoughts and beliefs.

If you have any questions or concerns about a review please feel free to contact me at Guy@ChicagoGolfGuy.com or look for me in the parking lot of my latest golfing experience.  But remember that I have a bag full of clubs to defend myself with, and I can run quite fast 🙂

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